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Extra activities

Katherine at Malumbe Music teaches our children every Monday and provides fun music sessions for all our children. The sessions consist of singing, dancing, puppets, musical games and percussion instruments. The children have the opportunity to enjoy music from around the world and experience lots of different styles and genres. Katherine incorporates topics which the children are learning about into their music sessions to reinforce learning. All the music you might hear at our annual Christmas performance is with Katherine’s help…! And the pre-school children also  perform on stage at the end of the year for their Graduation Ceremony. 

Coach Denzil has coached football at Cuddly Bear for YEARS! Anyone who has watched Denzil work with our children will know that there are few people on the planet who can co-ordinate a large group of excited toddlers with such flair! Denzil (or ‘Coach’ as the children call him) combines teaching football skills and exercise with supporting our work in all areas of our children’s development; from social skills like sharing and team work, to listening skills, numeracy and language development, colour and sounds.
Chris, one of our Cuddly parents, is a qualified LTA tennis instructor and runs weekly Wednesday sessions for our 2-3 year olds and pre-schoolers. Our garden transforms into a wonderful tennis court, as Chris coaches the children in ball skills, how to handle a racket, and occasionally how to get a ball over the net (allegedly). Volleys and rallies are quite rare, though tantrums at the umpire are all in a day’s work.